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“I honestly believe that Stefanie is the most qualified and talented candidate in this years election cycle.”

- Renton City Councilmember Armondo Pavone-

Thank you to everyone who has endorsed my campaign so far. Want to add your name to the list? Let me know by sending me a message!

Elected Officials, Community Leaders, and Organizations

Denis Law, Mayor of Renton

Don Perrson, Renton City Council, President

Randy Corman, Renton City Council

Ryan McIrvin, Renton City Council

Ed Prince, Renton City Council

Carol Ann Witschi, Renton City Council
Armondo Pavone, Renton City Council

Dan Clawson, Renton City Council (Former)

Rich Zwicker, Renton City Council (Former)

Pam Teal, Renton School Board Director, District 5, Board President

Alisa Louie, Renton School Board Director, District 1, Board Vice President

Avanti Bergquist, Renton School Board Director, District 2

Gloria Hodge, Renton School Board Director, District 4

Bob Hasegawa, State Senator, District 11

Steve Bergquist, State Representative, District 11

Zack Hudgins, State Representative, District 11

Guy Palumbo, State Senator, District 1

Marko Liias, State Senator, District 21

Steve Hobbs, State Senator, District 44

Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor of Mukilteo

Anders Ibsen, Tacoma City Council

Martin Moore, Federal Way City Council

Susan Palmer, Renton Technical College Board of Trustees

Valerie O’Halloran, Renton Regional Community Foundation

Angelina Benedetti, Renton Planning Commission, Chair

Charles Seil, Renton Planning Commission, Secretary

Michael O’Halloran, Renton Planning Commission

Kevin Poole, Renton Planning Commission

Marlene Winter, Renton Parks Commission

Mary Clymer, Renton Municipal Arts Commission

Laura Clawson, Renton Historical Society, President

Lynne King, Renton Historical Society

King County Democrats

11th Legislative District Democrats

41st Legislative District Democrats

Community Members

Angela Pavone

Arthur McIrvin 

Beverly McIrvin

Carol Smith

Cherish Hart 

Chris Spahn

David Hoffman

Dena Michelle Rosko

Elizabeth Lamb-Ferro

Gene Sens 

Jason Parker 

Jerri Wood

Julie Stover

Justin Debron

Kiara Buechler 

Kim Sweet

Krystal Serrano

Martha Zwicker

Meegan Prince

Michael Wilton

Mike King 

Patty Law

Regan Dahl 

Robert Freatman 

Shannon Avery

Shari Freatman 

Stephen Clymer

Theresa Clymer

Vicky Perrson

Wil Samson

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